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All Hands Looking Forward to the New Year

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone. I prepared the following as an update on AHC activities past, present and future.

All Hands Consulting (AHC) is ending another successful year: its twelfth since rebranding DavisLogic as All Hands in early 2000.  2012 will be the thirteenth year of operations for this unique emergency management consulting firm.  AHC is starting off the New Year with many exciting projects on the books.  The 2012 outlook is positive despite the sluggish economy and cut backs in homeland security grants.

This is the time of year to reflect on our past accomplishments and keys to success. We want to thank everyone who has been a part of All Hands including our consultants, clients and partners. Despite the recession, 2011 was a year of steady work for AHC. All Hands consultants kept busy working with many returning clients and a few new clients. Our client list has grown to over 150 while our team of consultants has climbed well past 1,000. More…


Tales of Irene: Did we over react?

August 27, 2011 1100 hrs EDT (Maryland)

Hurricane Irene 2011

I have been watching Irene with interest, both as a resident of the east coast and as an emergency management practitioner.  I have been impressed with the planning and preparation so far, surprised by some of the doom and gloom, and now listening to those that think that everyone overreacted. So, I am prompted to impose my opinions on my readers once again…

The short answer to the question of overreactions is, IMHO, that it was not overreacting based on what the emergency managers had in the way of a forecast.  Hurricanes are unique, and preparedness officials are blessed, in that there is a lot of warning with tropical systems – almost too much it seems. The problem is there is not as much certainty in the forecasts as we would like. Forecast tracks change all the time and forecast strength is also seldom correct. But you need to work with what you have. More…


Keeping the Recent Tornado Deaths in Perspective

I just “Tweeted” a New York Times piece entitled:

When Warnings Don’t Work

It was a good piece and it included a good chart which helps put the tornado deaths in perspective.

Many of us wonder why, after decades of experience, better preparedness and constructions techniques, and improved warnings, are we seeing these tragic killer tornadoes?

Can we do more to reduce the impact of the natural disasters which seem to be plaguing us?  Questions abound:

  • Do we need to do more to educate the public?
  • Do we need better warnings?
  • Does everyone need a shelter?

We wonder why people living in a modern society can still be victims of disaster. And, we wonder why isn’t a tornado survivable? More…