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BCM Compensations and Interesting Study Findings for USA and Canada

BC Management recently published complimentary BCM Compensation reports as a result of the 9th Annual BCM Study (2010) findings, which closed on December 15, 2010.  The next study (soon to be released) will focus on 2010 compensations.

USA BCM Compensation Complimentary Report – Published March 2011.

Focus is on 2009 compensations for full-time, permanent employees in the USA.

Some interesting findings include:

  • BCM Average Total Compensation for USA is $105,980 USD
  • 57.89% of Global Managers received an increase in total average compensation and the average total compensation increase was 14.44%.
  • 39.08% of study participants indicated 4-10 years of  business continuity related expertise while 53.94% of the study respondents indicated 21 – 35 years of total work experience.
  • According to our study results, the top certification for the USA was the Certified Business  Continuity Professional (CBCP) -  DRI International, which made up 66.96% of the study participants. More…